Smile Gallery

Incredible results and inspiring journeys—see some of our patients’ before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

Lucy before treatmentLucy after treatment
Lucy wanted a better option

Lucy had a denture that was worn down and did not fit well without wearing adhesive. Her beautiful new smile is youthful and confident.

Christy before treatmentChristy after treatment
Christy wanted a more natural smile

Christy knew she needed to have her upper teeth removed. She was concerned about not being able to tolerate a traditional denture. Christy wanted her teeth to look like her natural teeth, only whiter. She selected an upper snap-in denture that is comfortable and secure.

Donna before treatmentDonna after treatment
Donna was frustrated by her dental problems

Donna had many missing teeth and was tired of dealing with her partial’s poor fit and cosmetics. She was looking for a permanent solution. Donna selected to move forward with Teeth in a Day. She no longer has anything removable and has a smile she is proud of.

Tami before treatmentTami after treatment
Tami had missing and broken teeth

Tami had many failed root canals and wanted a smile she could be proud of again, that was both predictable and healthy. She was proactive about her dental treatment and decided non-removable implant bridges would give her the results she wanted. Tami no longer has to worry about toothaches and has a beautiful smile.

Jenn before treatmentJenn after treatment
Jenn wanted to improve her smile

Jenn had missing teeth that had been replaced with bridges that were routinely needing replacement. She also had loose teeth due to gum disease. Jenn needed an option that was cost effective and had great cosmetics. She elected to have snap-in dentures to correct her dental problems. She is enjoying her new youthful smile that is secure and beautiful.

Jeff before treatmentJeff after treatment
Jeff was not happy with his dentures

Jeff had been tolerating an upper denture and lower partial denture for a long time. He wanted an option that did not require glue or removal for cleaning. Jeff was able to achieve his dental goals in one surgery with Teeth in a Day. He can now enjoy eating and socializing with confidence.

Luis before treatmentLuis after treatment
Luis had worn and discolored teeth

Luis had worn and discolored teeth that kept him from smiling confidently. Porcelain veneers on six upper front teeth restored his smile.

Rich before treatmentRich after treatment
Rich's denture was causing discomfort

Rich was looking for a different solution, he could not wear his upper denture to a gag reflex. He needed an option that was secure, comfortable, and more natural. He transitioned from not wearing any upper teeth to having a permanent implant bridge, all in one visit.

Jonny before treatmentJonny after treatment
Jonny was tired of broken teeth

Johnny had been dealing with failing crowns and bridges, and many teeth were broken off at the gumline. Johnny decided to start fresh with dental implants. He transitioned from his natural teeth to a non-removable implant bridge. He now has no worries about cavities!