Snap-On Smile® in Loveland, CO

A Revolution in Restorative Dentistry

Do you dream of having a Hollywood-worthy grin but dread the thought of invasive dental procedures? Snap-On Smile® from the Center for Advanced Dentistry is here to save the day. Whether you have discolored, crooked, or missing teeth, Dr. Andrew Howard can provide Snap-On Smile as a simple, pain-free, and cost-effective solution. Learn why Dr. Howard is one of the best dentists in Loveland, CO, for restorative dentistry treatments. 

What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile is an innovative dental appliance that fits snugly over your natural teeth, providing an instant and dramatic improvement to your smile. It’s custom-made from a high-quality dental resin material that mimics the appearance of natural teeth, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking result. The appliance is lightweight, thin, and easy to wear, making it a comfortable and convenient solution for anyone looking to enhance their smile.

Benefits of Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile® offers a range of advantages compared to traditional cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as:

  • Non-Invasive: Unlike other cosmetic treatments that require drilling, injections, or tooth alterations, Snap-On Smile is a non-invasive solution that doesn’t involve any permanent changes to your natural teeth.
  • Quick and Easy: With Snap-On Smile, you can achieve a stunning smile transformation in just two visits.
  • Affordable: Traditional cosmetic dentistry procedures can be expensive, even with financing, making them inaccessible to many individuals. Snap-On Smile®, on the other hand, provides an affordable alternative without compromising on quality or aesthetics.
  • Versatile: Whether you have gaps, stains, crooked teeth, or missing teeth, Snap-On Smile can address a wide range of dental imperfections, offering a comprehensive solution for various smile concerns.
  • Reversible: Snap-On Smile is reversible, allowing you to switch between your natural teeth and the appliance whenever you desire.

Candidacy for Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile is the perfect solution for patients who want to achieve a beautiful smile without the expense and discomfort of complex dental procedures. This treatment is also the ideal solution for patients who have an old-fashioned, removable partial denture and want a beautiful, more comfortable alternative but don’t qualify for dental bridges or implants.

Snap-On Smile can address a variety of cosmetic dental concerns:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth

To learn if you’re an ideal candidate for Snap-On Smile, call our Loveland office at (970) 669-3918. Dr. Howard will evaluate your oral health to determine if this treatment is right for you.

How Does Snap-On Smile Work?

Consultation and Impression

The process begins with a consultation with your Loveland, CO dentist During this appointment, you will discuss your goals and expectations for your new smile. Dr. Howard will examine your teeth and determine if Snap-On Smile is the right solution for you. 


He will then take an impression of your teeth. The impressions of your teeth are sent to a dental laboratory where skilled technicians will craft your custom-made Snap-On Smile. They will use the impressions as a guide to creating a dental appliance that fits perfectly over your existing teeth for stunning results.


Once your Snap-On Smile is ready, you will return to your dentist in Loveland for a fitting appointment. He’ll carefully check the appliance to ensure it fits comfortably and securely over your teeth. If any adjustments are needed, they will be made at this stage to ensure an optimal fit.

Enjoy Your New Smile

With the proper fit confirmed, Dr. Howard will guide you on how to easily snap the appliance in place over your teeth. The Snap-On Smile fits snugly and securely, covering any dental imperfections and giving you an instantly improved smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transform Your Smile and Your Life with Snap-On Smile

Don’t let dental imperfections hold you back from smiling confidently. Consult with Dr. Howard to explore whether Snap-On Smile is the right solution for you. Experience the joy and transformation that come with a stunning smile. With Snap-On Smile, you can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile that will enhance your self-esteem and leave a lasting impression.

Call our Loveland, CO, office at (970) 669-3918 to schedule an appointment at our office serving Greeley, Fort Collins, and Johnstown.

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