CEREC Restoration

Restore Your Smile in One Visit with CEREC Technology

CEREC stands at the forefront of dental technology, revolutionizing the repair of damaged teeth within a single visit to the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Loveland, CO. This groundbreaking approach with Dr. Andrew Howard fortifies your teeth and preserves their natural aesthetics. 

Embrace a non-metal dental solution, CEREC utilizes high-grade ceramic material that seamlessly integrates with the natural tissues in your mouth. Call (970) 669-3918 to learn more.

What is CEREC Technology?

CEREC machineCEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is an advanced dental technology revolutionizing the restoration process. It enables dentists to create ceramic restorations within a single visit, eliminating the need for multiple appointments associated with traditional restoration methods.

Benefits of CEREC Technology

There are several benefits of CEREC dental technology, such as:

  • Time Efficiency: With CEREC, patients experience the convenience of same-day restorations, sparing them from the inconvenience of visit after visit. The entire restoration process, from design to placement, is completed in one appointment.
  • Aesthetic Precision: Utilizing high-grade ceramic materials, CEREC restorations seamlessly blend with natural teeth, preserving the aesthetics and restoring the tooth’s functionality. The precise digital design ensures a custom fit for each patient.
  • Strength and Durability: The use of milled ceramic in CEREC restorations enhances their durability, providing long-lasting solutions that withstand the rigors of daily use. The strength of these restorations exceeds  traditional methods, promoting extended longevity.
  • Comfort and Convenience: By eliminating temporary restorations, CEREC spares patients from potential discomfort associated with interim solutions. Additionally, the single-visit process saves valuable time, offering a more convenient experience for individuals.

Why Choose CEREC Technology for Dental Restorations?

Streamlined Process

Chairside economical restoration technology streamlines the restoration procedure, enabling patients to receive customized, high-quality restorations in a single dental visit. This efficiency minimizes disruption to their daily routines.

Enhanced Precision

The digital precision of CEREC ensures each restoration is tailored to the patient’s natural tooth structure. This accuracy contributes to a comfortable fit and superior functionality.

Long-Term Reliability

CEREC technologyWith its durable ceramic material and meticulous design, CEREC offers long-term reliability, providing patients with restorations that maintain their strength and aesthetics over an extended period.

Aesthetically Pleasing Results

CEREC restorations not only restore the functionality of damaged teeth but also preserve their natural appearance. The tooth-colored ceramic closely resembles the natural teeth, ensuring a visually pleasing outcome.

How Does CEREC Work for Dental Restorations?

CEREC technology redefines the dental restoration process by merging cutting-edge digital imaging, computer-aided design (CAD), and precise milling to create efficient, customized restorations in a single appointment.

  1. Digital Imaging: The process initiates with a 3D digital scan of the damaged tooth. Using a specialized camera, we capture detailed images, eliminating the need for messy impressions.
  2. CAD Design: The captured images are translated into a 3D model using computer-aided design (CAD) software. This allows for meticulous customization, ensuring the restoration fits perfectly within your unique tooth structure.
  3. Milling Process: Once the design is finalized, a milling machine carves the restoration from a solid ceramic block. This process, guided by the precise digital model, crafts a restoration tailored to your tooth’s specifications.
  4. Immediate Placement: With the restoration ready within minutes, we immediately bond it to your tooth. This streamlined process ensures a precise fit, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in just one visit.

Our CEREC Dental Restoration Options

CEREC Dental Crowns

Experience the convenience of same-day dental crowns to restore your damaged tooth’s strength and appearance seamlessly. These custom-designed dental crowns blend harmoniously with your natural teeth for permanent restoration of a healthy tooth structure. Unlike traditional dental crowns, CEREC crowns offer a faster procedure time.

CEREC Dental Veneers

dentist matching a patient's tooth color to samplesSame-day dental veneers are a revolutionary cosmetic solution to help you achieve your dream smile in one visit to Dr. Howard’s dental office. Enjoy same-day porcelain veneers with CEREC technology and enjoy your new smile sooner.  

CEREC Fillings

Utilizing durable ceramic material, CEREC fillings offer a long-lasting solution for cavities. These tooth-colored fillings restore the tooth’s integrity and maintain its natural appearance.

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Fix Your Smile in One Day with Advanced Dental Technology

Discover the pinnacle of dental innovation with CEREC technology, where precision, convenience, and aesthetics converge to redefine your dental experience. Say farewell to multiple appointments and welcome a transformative journey toward a revitalized smile—all achieved in a single visit.

Call (970) 669-3918 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Howard. We also serve patients from Evans, Campion, and Garden City, CO.

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