Teeth in a Day™

Same-Day Teeth: Never Remove Your Teeth Again

Teeth in a Day is an excellent way to transition from dentures or failing teeth directly to fixed, non-removable teeth that are mounted on implants, all in one day. Patients who undergo this method of treatment are some of the happiest people we care for.

It requires the least amount of adjustment to your new set of teeth. Aesthetics, comfort, speech, and chewing ability are all best adapted to using this method. In addition, there is no gagging with a loose temporary denture when Teeth in a Day is performed.

This latest technology starts with an examination, a three-dimensional image (CT scan) of your jaws, and impressions of your mouth. We then discuss your cosmetic and functional concerns about your new smile. About two to three weeks of time is needed to prepare for your surgery and transition to new teeth.

All surgery and prosthetic procedures are performed in one location, here at our state-of-the-art surgical suite in Loveland, CO. Treatment can be done comfortably and safely while you are asleep. Sedation or general anesthesia is performed by a nurse anesthetist in our office.

Most healthy patients are candidates for Teeth in a Day; however, in some cases, the bone may not be sufficiently adequate for the same-day procedure. In these cases, a transitional removable denture may be needed for three to six months while the bone and implants become strong enough to support the fixed teeth.

Learn more about Teeth in a Day during your consultation at our Loveland, CO dental office.
An implant bridge used in our Teeth in a Day procedure

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