Who Needs Advanced Dentistry? | Dr. Andrew Howard | Center for Advanced Dentistry

Great dental health and a beautiful smile may have come easy to you if you happen to have a combination of good care growing up and a great set of genes.  However, for many that just is not the case.  So much of our risk for dental problems are inherited from our parents and not everyone had ideal care as a child in our youth.

The Center for Advanced Dentistry is committed to helping you have the very best smile and overall dental health possible regardless of your past and current situation. I believe that a comfortable, beautiful and healthy smile can be a reality for almost anyone.

We are experts at solving some of the most severe and complex dental problems.  Whether it is the need for an improved appearance, missing teeth, gum disease or even a severe phobia about going to the dentist, we can help you.

We use the latest technology from innovative bone regeneration techniques, new dental implant materials and 3-D digital planning.  Now, you can have the smile and comfort you want in less time than ever.  If just having excellent dental care with the latest technology and techniques is your concern we are also here for you.  I have spent many years learning the most advanced methods of restoring smiles from veneers to implants.  It is truly my passion.

I hope this blog will provide a good resource for helping you make decisions about your dental health.  Please feel free to leave questions or comments.

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